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    I am a strong advocate of Plan “B”.

    It is ignorance to limit yourself to one stream of income.
    It is more annoying when that one source of income is 

    There are 2 types of incomes: Active & Passive. (I can lecture you on that for free). Active INCOME: Income you generate by actively doing a job 

    The profit you make from your business that cannot run without you being there is active income. You are working for money 

    PASSIVE INCOME: The income you generate from  the system you’ve already built, like h2i

    I am a Strong Member of Helping Hands International currently in Stage 3

    I am willing to mentor as many people as possible to start earning passively by leveraging on the relationships they have to build a strong system in network marketing.

    Helping Hand International, H2i, is an int’l NGO with a clearly defined objective of helping the less privileged in the society and empower there members also see the attachment

    (Call or WhatsApp me on +2347068656468. Email- oyeoye2016yahoo.com )  


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