Style influencer, Nini Enefola, shares story of how her mum survived chronic cancer


Nini Enefola, entreprenuer and style influencer has taken to Instagram to share a part of the testimonies she was blessed with in 2017.

The beautiful young lady explained how her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and how doctors believed it was too chronic for her mother to survive.

However, God provided funds and money came for her mother to start treatment.Her mother is still alive and on her journey to full recovery.

We have her Instagram post below

Another huge TESTIMONY OF 2017. August 23rd came through with the most terrific news ever! My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer (relapse of breast cancer). I was SHATTERED completely, my Mama….I cried and almost cried myself to death. I said to me “Cancer oh God cancer…I died! My colleagues couldn’t comfort me in the office as I got very unstable. I looked back at how far Mom and I have come and cried again. At 7pm I drove to Surulere to have a word with mom’s doctor (the one that handled her breast cancer case) with all desperation on getting there he wasn’t around and apologised for running late.

At 10:30 pm I finally saw him, showed him the CT scan result and he stared at me saying “can you handle it” I responded yes I have GOD. The doctor said “Your mom’s case is bad, a relapse but let’s do what we can…I said I trust God she will live. The doctor said “Its going to be very expensive and asked if I was ready…I told him I will sell my car to save her so he shouldn’t worry about the financial aspect. At 11pm, I left bode thomas for chevron. All I did was thank God with teary eyes and ask that he shouldn’t let my Mama die! ‘At 57 Lord pls save her’, I cried.

God has been faithful and provided the funds. She’s still receiving treatment but looking bright. Many doctors marvelled but it’s God. One of the doctors called me to his office that at this stage they needed to counsel me as mom had little time here on earth. “Are you God? I asked?” Pls with all due respect I don’t need such now. God will lengthen her days on earth.

I was off INSTAGRAM praying for my Mom. I started out with my Ankara pieces in July and I was planning my first ever ANKARA POP UP SALES scheduled for SEPT 5TH. I was lost. Was I going to cancel it? I needed the money more than ever so I went for it. I left the hospital a night before to get ready for the sales and God came through…We had MASSIVE SALES! It was indeed GOD AT WORK. It was a HUGE SUCCESS and that’s how God assured me he’s EVER present. Thank you Lord. Are you going through such now? Trust God. God did bless me and I still have my car. I still have my mother! Praise God! I love you mothers. God bless you all.

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