The city of gold

Happy new year travellers. My new year was awesome! I was born in Nigeria but never really experienced it much. Going back there for new year showed me the fun that can be had there, so was certainly eye opening. Would love to hear your thoughts on if you’d like a travel blog on Lagos? To me, it’s home rather than a holiday, but if our readers want to hear more, can certainly do one! Anyway, now we’re back in miserable cold England, I’m happy to reminisce on Johannesburg, our second part blog for south Africa. For those of you who read our blog on Cape Town, Johannesburg is very different. Here, you find a lot more culture (whereas Cape Town was more touristy and more western). For Remi and I being mixed race (and Remi mostly, liking to probe and ask questions), the legacy of apartheid was still very much apparent in Johannesburg. It was definitely a great location to visit however, and taught us a lot we didn’t know. So, the main place to be/stay is Mandela Square. You’ll find your 5* hotels there, the huge shopping mall, and bars/restaurants/clubs. But don’t worry if you stay a little outside this area, most hotels, such as ours, provided free regular transfers to Mandela Square. South Africans are foodies and we certainly ate. Be advised, tips are expected in Johannesburg, as we found out on our first night eating in a Chinese restaurant. Whilst in the square, you have to get the classic picture with the giant Mandela statue. There are lots of tours you can do in Johannesburg, but as we were there for a wedding (which, I should add, is one of the best venue locations we’ve ever attended. Seriously, anyone wanting a destination wedding should check out…

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