The Tecno brand is on a meteoric rise in Africa


The list of the Top 100 brands in out and OEM company Tecno is in the Top 10 this year, it ranked 7th.

It is not surprising that tech companies dominated the list with the likes of Samsung, Apple and MTN ranking high. The Top 10 bracket also includes Adidas and Coca-Cola while Nike, makers of Nigeria’s extensively commended World Cup Jersey, is sitting at the top of the list as Africa’s most admired brands in Africa, displacing Samsung which now occupies the second position.

The company with the highest leap is Tecno which jumped 7 positions to become the 7th most admired brand in Africa as ranked by Brand Africa. The Chinese OEM giant leaped from No 14th in 2017.

This impressive leap, the company says,, suggests TECNO Mobile is the most sort-after smartphone brand in Africa.

Argument in favor of this bold claim is posited with the fact that it is difficult to find businesses or brands that have successfully survived the dynamism of the African business space in the short time TECNO has.

A school of thought is of the opinion that several people have attributed the complex nature of the African market to several factors including growing populations and inconsistencies in government policies amongst other things.

But in spite of these challenges, TECNO Mobile have been able to make their mark as a force to reckon with across Africa. TECNO Mobile’s prominence is one that has come as a surprise to many people because, once upon a time they were at the receiving end of negative perceptions.

Making the top ten most admired brands in Africa is a clear testament of TECNO’s growth and this feat deserves to be applauded.


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