Too Late For The Junction – 2 of 2


I’ll try again. I had become paranoid and was seeing things where there weren’t but in order to give myself peace and eliminate the idea that “he must not have heard” This time I screamed so loud, the heavens must have heard me. Oga driver, Bus stop!!! Oh. Then something happened. There was a sound so light, but I noticed, he had locked the doors from his control and then, the windows began to go up. I was in a panic before, but now, I almost had a heart attack. With the little space remaining before the windows completely scrolled up, I placed my mouth at the window, my head angled at the roof of the taxi and screamed for help. Of course now, the car was almost flying. I felt someone tap me on my shoulders, looking back; I saw it was the young lady beside me. Finally, she looked up from whatever unfortunate thing she was doing on her phone.

“Aunty wetin happen?” She asked

I looked at her, how does one answer such a stupid question?

“Driver, you don pass my bus top oh! Oya, drop me for that plaza there,” she called.

When the driver didn’t reply, her very slow mind picked up on what was going on. She crossed over me and began hitting the now scrolled up windows. Way to go, I thought. Running to pack your clothes after the rain has ended. I didn’t stop her, neither did I join her, or say anything else. It was too late for anyone to notice anything at our current speed, not in this country anyway. I figured at a certain point we’d lose consciousness to regain it later and I’d rather save my energy for what lay ahead. I put my hand into my bag and sent a text message to my brother and fiancée, “I have being abducted by the taxi, I took” please pray for me. Next, I put my phone on record, whatever discussion went on in this car, if I came out alive, some evidence will be important.  I was careful not to let out what I was doing because I knew for sure, they were watching our every move even though it didn’t seem like it. I noticed, the girl beside me was crying and begging now, but I didn’t have time for that. I turned towards the window as if looking out and tucked my phone into my bra, thank God for slim phones. I took a look at my surroundings; we had left behind cars and houses and now, had the company of bushes and trees.

A movement caught my eye and I watched as the guy at the other end, at the back of the driver brought out a white handkerchief and dusted it into the air. The time has come I thought to myself. I struggled on, praying in my mind and crying to God for mercy. I felt consciousness slip away from me. The last thing I heard, was…….”baba, we dey come with the package.”


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