VIDEO: Nigerian soldier angrily breaks the side mirror of a motorist’s car after they had a disagreement


Twitter user ‏@OloweOladipo is demanding for Justice after a man believed to be a Nigerian soldier angrily broke the side mirror of his car over a minor disagreement about traffic.
 According to Oladipo, the incident took place at Cole Street in Ojuelegba.
“There was traffic on this street and the soldier man was right behind me, so he yelled at me to move on. I called back at him to be patient while the traffic eased up a little. After the road was free, he overtook my car and what happened next is what you saw in the video.”

In the said video below, the supposed soldier is heard saying “Na me be idiot” while trying to force open the motorist’s car to possibly assault him. When he realized that a video was being recorded, he went to pick up an object from his boot and used to smash the car’s side mirror before walking away.


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