Vskit Is Becoming Popular Among Nigerian Youths


Vskit is an app for creating and sharing short interesting and funny videos majorly for entertainment.  Offered by Vskit Group, the app is becoming popular amongst Nigerian youths because it enhances their never-ending pursuit for popularity, followers, social likes and comments. vskit

The app is tremendously fun and features a wide range of lip-synced videos with popular songs in the background, short musical performances, singing, comedy, dancing etc. There are also filters and other video effects available to give users the optimum experienceVskit

The social sharing also goes beyond Vskit; once a user posts a video, they can share their videos on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or simply copy the link and share on their various social media platforms.

However for the most part, the app is harmless but from a privacy point of view, Vskit defaults to posting everything publicly like many social media apps, which means anyone can watch and comment on a video.

Also, since comments aren’t screened by the app’s maker, another user could leave an offensive comment on your post and while you’re unlikely to find anything explicit in the ‘Popular’ section of the app, it is possible to find stuff you wouldn’t want to see.

The app is rated as 12+ and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.


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